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Toddler Gift-Giving Guide

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When it comes to toddlers and gifts, some are for THEM and some are for OUR own sanity. You may find yourself shopping for gifts while asking yourself, "How long will this keep them entertained?" We've compiled a list of gifts that will hopefully give you a few minutes of peace and quiet! 1.) SweeTooth Teether- Oh, you already have one of these awesome teethers? You may want another, because let's face it, it's going to go missing and you're going to go crazy looking for it. Then you'll find the first one as soon as you order the second...

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Smart Bottoms 3.1 Review

100% organic cotton 3.1 AIO cloth diaper made in usa rescue review smart bottoms smart bottoms review

Bloggers review products all the time, but I have to admit: I never read reviews of a product by a blogger. Why? Because they never answer the questions that REALLY TRULY matter. I'm here to change that. I'll be reviewing products and answering the questions that you're left asking yourself when you read the other reviews. Pictured here with his new Smart Bottom 3.1 in Rescue print   My FIRST product is....drum roll please....Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO cloth diaper. The first time I ever touched this diaper, I admired how soft it was. Like a newborn lamb just birthed into a field...

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Ever heard of "adulting?" Adulting is the act of being an adult and having to do adult-like things (cleaning, cooking, working, paying bills, etc. etc. etc. this is a never-ending list). Mommying is exactly the same thing, with the added responsibilities of being a mom. So this may include cleaning up after your kids, cooking for your kids, changing diapers, school activities, play dates, waking up before you want to, not sleeping enough, washing tons of laundry, kissing booboos, etc. Can I just state that I LOVE being a mom. Looooooove it. But part of mommying can be ugly. Let's...

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First Day Jitters is the day that we launch! Being a former teacher, I've had quite a few of those "first day jitters" but this definitely is unlike any of those. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm downright terrified. What if this whole concept doesn't work? What if this "plan" to stay home with my son fails miserably? What if something on the website doesn't work? The days leading up to THIS day have been nerve-racking. Everything that could have messed up DID mess up.  But, today is here. Today IS here. Today came whether or not I was ready. I wouldn't be able to...

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