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Smart Bottoms 3.1 Review

100% organic cotton 3.1 AIO cloth diaper made in usa rescue review smart bottoms smart bottoms review

Bloggers review products all the time, but I have to admit: I never read reviews of a product by a blogger. Why? Because they never answer the questions that REALLY TRULY matter. I'm here to change that. I'll be reviewing products and answering the questions that you're left asking yourself when you read the other reviews.

Pictured here with his new Smart Bottom 3.1 in Rescue print


My FIRST product is....drum roll please....Smart Bottoms 3.1 AIO cloth diaper. The first time I ever touched this diaper, I admired how soft it was. Like a newborn lamb just birthed into a field of daffodils... Seriously, do yourself a favor and do a Google image search of "lamb in field of daffodils." You won't be disappointed. 

My second thought was about the quality. As you know, it's made in the USA, and the quality is spectacular. It feels like it would withstand a toddler with a pair of scissors. Safety scissors, because ya know, safety is important.


Those were my initial thoughts, but how did it do once it was on the bum? I will answer the most popular questions you may be asking yourself and score them on a scale of 1-5:

  1. Does it help with teething? Yes! Your 8-10 year old will get ALL of their permanent teeth without ever batting an eye or feeling any discomfort because of the long lasting effects of the 3.1. 5/5
  2. Does it make my child sleep through the night? Well, not exactly. BUT the softness can lead to sweeter dreams, thus making them sleep better. There is a 50/50 chance they will sleep through the night, thanks to the diaper. 4/5
  3. Does it help my children all get along and play nicely? The 100% organic cotton has medicinal properties unbeknownst to man. These properties may include: a love for sharing, a joy of playing together nicely, and a tolerance for being told what to do by their sibling. Do not fear if this takes a few years to happen. Eventually, as young adults, they will get along and will be able to look back and attribute this to the Smart Bottoms 3.1 you used on them as wee little ones. They will also not get upset with you that you spent all of their college savings on diapers! #buyallthediapers right?? 5/5
  4. Does it make my picky toddler like the food he/she liked last night but decided today they did not like? I'm going to be honest with this one. Smart Bottoms really underperformed when it came to making toddlers better eaters. They really have the potential to be the PERFECT diaper, however, until they figure this issue out, I'm going to have to give them a lower score in this category. 3/5
  5. Does it make my child listen when I ask him/her to do something? By far the best thing about the 3.1! By wearing this diaper, your child(ren) will listen and do as you ask with a positive attitude and a smile on their face. However, you must make sure you only ask things that they WANT to do. Example: Will you come share this bag of candy with me? Would you please shred this roll of toilet paper? Questions such as these, will result in a smile and a positive attitude, thanks to their Smart Bottoms 3.1! 10/5
  6. Will the diaper stop my baby from licking or putting everything in their mouth?
    One of the funniest parts of parenthood are those things you never thought you'd have to say . Example: "Stop licking the fridge." "Stop licking the dog." "Gross! Don't put THAT in your mouth!" (I wrote a whole blog post about this!) How does the 3.1 fit into this equation? It doesn't really. You may find your toddler still licking everything or still putting everything in their mouth, regardless of which diaper they have on. However....yeah, I got nothing. When will this phase ever end???? 2/5
  7. Will my child stop digging through the trash and pulling it all out and then screaming when I put the trash back into the trashcan?
    Seriously when will this phase and #6 end? Why don't all trashcans come with a lock? Why can't my Smart Bottoms 3.1 diaper effectively stop this behavior? They have a diaper called "Superhero" but I regret to inform you that it does NOT come with super powers to stop those toddler tantrums. Come on, Smart Bottoms! What do I have to do around here to get one of those Superhero diapers with super powers for mom/dad??? 3/5

    Overall score: 5/5

I'm quite pleased with my Smart Bottoms 3.1 diaper. It looks cute on the bum, I love the 100% organic cotton, and the fact that it's made in the USA (even if it doesn't come with super powers).

Disclaimer* This whole review is meant to be lighthearted and entertaining. This diaper is pretty darn great but it will not save you from a bear, zombie apocalypse, or toddler tantrums. 


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