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Toddler Gift-Giving Guide

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When it comes to toddlers and gifts, some are for THEM and some are for OUR own sanity. You may find yourself shopping for gifts while asking yourself, "How long will this keep them entertained?" We've compiled a list of gifts that will hopefully give you a few minutes of peace and quiet!

1.) SweeTooth Teether- Oh, you already have one of these awesome teethers? You may want another, because let's face it, it's going to go missing and you're going to go crazy looking for it. Then you'll find the first one as soon as you order the second one ;) 

2.) NeatCheeks- This one is more for your sanity. Your child probably doesn't know how to eat a meal without making a mess. You try to wipe their hands and mouth and all they do is scream and try to push you away. This toddler battle usually ends in defeat with half wiped hands/face and words similar to, "Fine, just stay like that. Who cares if it looks like you haven't had a shower in days."

3.) Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn- This one is for their entrainment...and yours. Because how can you look at a child with a unicorn horn and not giggle at least a little bit? They are super cute, handmade, and come in three different sizes and a ton of different colors!

4.) Finn + Emma Organic Rattle Lovie- Toddlers go through that independent stage and start to get attached to stuffed animals and love to cuddle them while sleeping. Get your little one an organic lovie that you can feel good about! And who doesn't love raccoons? So much cuter as stuffed animals than in real life!

5.) Lenny Lamb Doll Carrier- Seriously, you will constantly think to yourself how stinkin' adorable your little one is while they are babywearing their favorite stuffed animal or doll. We all love our children indefinitely, but can we be honest and admit that sometimes they can be little assholes? You forget about all the mean things they have done in the past 24 hours when you see them babywearing. Except, when they try to choke out their stuffed animal while wearing the said stuffed my son does.

6.) Inspired By Finn Baltic Amber Necklace- One can argue that this is more for you than your little. Teething is a real pain in the ass, especially when you're having Christmas Dinner with all your extended family and you have a fussy toddler. Get them relief from the pain and save all the awkward "S/he is teething" comebacks with an Amber Necklace! Bonus, we just restocked our most popular color, Harvest! EXTRA bonus, we have some adult sizes and they can help with migraines (especially the ones you get when you have to see those family members that you've avoided for the last 364 days!)

7.) Baby Paper- This is one is a little young for toddlers, but if you have a baby in your life, this inexpensive gift is perfect! It's a simple concept, but babies usually can't get enough of it!



Christmas is quickly approaching, make sure you order in time!


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