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Best Bottom Hemp/Organic Cotton Inserts

Best Bottom Hemp/Organic Cotton Inserts

$ 7.95

Best Bottoms Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert consists of 5 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/Certified Organic cotton fleece. This insert is so trim you will be able to have your baby wear jeans again!

Best Bottom Diaper Inserts give you the simplicity you desire with choice. In otherwords, you can have one diapering system for baby that lets you use stay-dry inserts for naps and overnight, natural fiber for day use, and easily add an overnight booster to the same system to meet your baby's needs for all day and all night. Best when used with the Best Bottom Diaper Shell.


The Best Bottom Diaper Stay Dry and Hemp/Organic Cotton inserts are available in three different sizes. Sizing is approximate and will depend on size and shape of baby as well as how heavy of a wetter the baby is. 

Small: birth-14lbs
Medium: 11-22lbs
Large: 16-35lbs

Sized inserts are a part of what keeps the Best Bottom Diapers Trim. Who needs the bulk of a one-size insert on a newborn? Newborns and toddlers have different needs, for a one size insert to absorb enough for a toddler it will be HUGE on a newborn. Realize you may not need all three sizes of inserts - it is all up to you!

How Many Inserts 

Newborn: The newborn is peeing and pooping all the time and the pediatrician wants 10-12 wet or poopy diapers a day. That means for washing every other day you are going to want around 24-30 inserts and 8-10 shells.

Exclusively Breastfed Baby 3-8 months: Baby is still pooping a lot but going longer between diaper loads. Of course the poo is loose as can be and it will get everywhere but with cloth it will stay in your diaper. No poopy clothes here. With about 8-10 changes a day you will want 20-24 inserts and 6-8 shells.

Baby with formed or peanut-butter consistency poos: Once baby's poo is more formed and you start using flushable diaper liners or a toilet sprayer, the amount of shells you need decreases because the poo is less likely to get on the diaper shell. If you have been using the diapers since newborn stage, you will have more inserts and shells and be able to go for 3 days between washing. However, if you are starting out and want enough only for 2 days you will need about 15-20 inserts and 4-6 shells.

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